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Top 8 Condiment Gadgets You Should Have In Your Campervan
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When you’re camping, every single square inch of your campervan counts. Optimization of bedding, cooking utensils, and gadgets to fit in the exact spot is key. Condiments improve the flavor of your bland food, but it’s also important to store them properly to avoid making a mess in your campervan. Here are some of the essential gadgets to organize your sauces, spices, and spreads in a better way.


Compact Spice Rack:

Compact Spice Rack image

Whether it’s mounted on walls, inside cabinets, or on a counter-side compact spice rack, it makes a difference. They are efficient at utilizing vertical space. A compact spice rack is made from durable materials like stainless steel or sturdy plastic. These durable racks can withstand tough impacts and commotion while driving. Also, they are easy to install and access in places where space is compromised. If you don’t want to install them on walls, you can simply keep them on the counter to avoid any hassle.


Magnetic Spice Jars:

Magnetic Spice Jars

If your campervan is running out of space, some often-overlooked spaces, such as refrigerator doors and metal cabinet doors, can come in handy. Magnetic spice jars are made up of strong magnetics that, upon contact with metal surfaces, attach securely to them. The bodies of these jars are designed using durable glass or acrylic. They not only store your condiments securely but also add to the aesthetic appeal of your mobile kitchen with their exquisite glass and acrylic structure and designs. 


Stackable Condiment Trays:

stackable condiment tray

Stackable condiment trays are a great solution for saving space and organizing condiments. Their structure is made up of acrylic, silicone, or plastic; mostly, the ones made for industrial use are made up of stainless steel. Their sturdy structures ensure they can handle tough impacts and commotion during long camping trips without creating a mess. The materials used for making stackable condiment trays make them easy to clean. Moreover, their ability to stack condiments helps save more space vertically. 


Hanging Condiment Caddy:

Hanging condiment caddy

Hanging condiment caddies are useful for utilizing the already compromised vertical space of your campervan for organizing condiments. They are crafted from durable fabric or plastic and hang on hooks or the backside of cabinet doors, making them convenient to install. If the Hanging condiment caddy is installed on reinforced hooks it can withstand disturbance due to rough terrain. It’s advised to install hanging condiment caddies using strong command hooks and to avoid drilling, as it can break the main wiring.


Collapsible Silicone Containers:

Collapsible container

Collapsible silicone containers are BPA-free containers that are collapsible when not in use reducing space required to store them. They are safe to use as they don’t contain any Bisphenol (a chemical compound that mimics estrogen to disturb hormone levels in the human body). Their flexible design is ideal for storing all types of condiments either in powder or liquid form. They are easy to clean and maintain because of the silicone body. Furthermore, you can optimize storage without sacrificing the quality of the product.


Squeeze Bottles:

squeeze bottle

With squeeze bottles, you can say farewell to messy spillage. They are specially designed for sauces. Their leak-proof and durable plastic body makes them a perfect choice for storing and traveling on a campervan. They utilize compromised space to the finest, due to their compact size they fit snugly in small refrigerator doors and cabinets. Moreover, their precision tips help in dispensing the sauces in a controlled manner.


Condiment Caddy with ice Compartment:

ice compartment container

If you want to save your sauces from spoiling and are running low on refrigerator space. Buy a condiment caddy with an ice compartment. Their installation process is similar to other condiment caddies. They will ensure your condiments remain cool during camping, now dip your fries in ketchup or use your cool salad dressing for taste enhancement.


Clip-on Condiment Tray:

Clip-on condiment tray

A Clip-on Condiment Tray is yet another convenient for storing condiments in your campervan. Their clip mechanism allows them to securely attach to the edge of a tabletop, countertop, and serving tray. To use them simply pull the clip and close it tightly on the place you want it to stay on and you’re good to go. They are made in various sizes and shapes and offer multiple compartments to hold different sauces



To wrap it up, when it comes to utilizing your campervan’s already compromised space every single bit counts for efficient organization of essential condiments. In this article, we’ve discussed ingenious solutions for storing and managing sauces, spices, and spreads in a tidy and accessible manner. We’ve taken every single detail into consideration and found a way to utilize your vertical space using gadgets like Stackable condiment trays and hanging condiment caddies, provided info on utilizing overlooked spaces with compact spice racks and magnetic spice jars and keeping your health, easy storage, freshness of condiments in mind discussed regarding collapsible silicone containers and condiment caddies with ice compartment. Using these gadgets your campervan will be equipped with flavor enhancers at your disposal. Invest in these beneficial gadgets and add some flavor to your camping experience in the wilderness or by the campfire.


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