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Top 7 Best VW Campervan Accessories to Buy in 2024

You rely on a campervan while camping alone, with family, or with friends. Still, an important point to take note of is that your campervan should be equipped with all the important and useful accessories and essentials. In this article, we have gathered some information regarding some useful accessories and gadgets for your VW Campervan that will come in handy on your travels.



Leisure Portable Battery:

portable leisure battery

In these modern times, everyone uses devices for their everyday work and entertainment. Most of these devices come with pre-installed batteries that require charging at some point after use. Also, your appliances require a power supply to keep operating, and when you’re off-grid or far away from power shore, leisure portable batteries come to your aid as they can help you keep your appliances and devices running for some time till you get your main power supply back. 


Leisure portable batteries are made up of lithium batteries known for their lightweight, higher energy density, longer lifespan, and faster charging capabilities. Some are also made with lead-acid-based batteries, but they are now outdated due to lithium batteries. 


You can charge your leisure portable battery easily via solar power or by connecting to a shore power supply for more reliable charging.


Command Hooks:

command hooks

If you buy a pre-built VW campervan, you may not know about the wiring in the panels and walls of the campervan coming from the main power supply. Drilling holes to hang something or install something new in the wall may damage these wires, so to be on the safe side, you can use command hooks.


Command hooks are simple to install. Command hooks use specially formulated adhesive backing to stick to the surface. Command hooks are versatile; they come in many different designs and for multiple weight capacities. These hooks are not only used for hanging decorations but also for managing your clothes. As easy as they are to install, removing them is also effortless; you simply pull them hard towards yourself, and you’re good to go. 


Command hooks are also useful in retaining your VW campervan’s price in the market, as holes and damaged parts in the interior may reduce the campervan’s value.



Solar Panels:

solar on campervan

Camping without food, entertainment, and appliances is nothing for you. To utilize these things, you’ll need a good main power supply. An off-grid solar panel is the best option for your VW Campervan in this case. 


The most suitable type of solar panel for your VW campervan will be an off-grid, thin-film solar panel. Thin-film solar panels are lightweight, perform well in low light, are more durable than other panels, and are suitable for installation on a campervan’s cured areas as they are flexible.


So, try investing in a good solar panel to make your camping journey more hassle-free. 


Portable Toilet:

portable toilet

During your travels, you may come across scenarios where there is no availability of public toilets in the nearby areas, so make sure to keep a portable toilet with you when you get the call of nature.


There are two types of portable toilets that we’d recommend you buy: flushable portable toilets and composting portable toilets. Do your research to find out what type of portable toilet fits your environment and what you prefer.


Drive-away Awning:

campervan drive away awning

A drive-away awning is an extremely useful accessory in case you want some more living space for yourself. 


It’s really easy to install one. You can use roof rails, gutter hooks, or straps to secure the drive-away awning around the campervan. After using them, keep them in a storage case; they usually come with one.


Black-out Curtains:

blackout curtains

Black-out curtains are a practical solution to control incoming light, provide insulation, and enhance your privacy within the walls of your campervan.


Black-out curtains are extremely customizable, as they can be specially built to adjust according to your campervan’s specific window sizes and can also be ordered in different colors, patterns, and styles.


Water filter:

water filter

Water is utilized a lot during camping for cleaning and cooking but it is crucial to understand and take precautions for the fact that polluted water may contain bacteria, sediment, and other harmful substances may be present in the water and upon consumption or contact with skin this water will lead to water-borne diseases which is the reason that clean filtered water holds immense significance.

There are many types of water filters available in the market for domestic use which include: reverse osmosis systems, carbon filters, ceramic filters, and UV filters. These filters have different filtering abilities to each other and also have different capabilities when it comes to filtering, so do your research to have a good understanding of what type of water filter fits your needs.

Before installing a water filter, have a skilled professional survey your campervan to see what kind of water filter will fit your designated space. 


Where can you get Black-out curtains for your VW campervan?

There are many black-out curtains for different models and variants of the VW campervan. Decide according to your campervan’s specific make, model, and year. You may search the internet for it but if you want to get black-out curtains internationally you can use Amazon for it.


In summary, you may be able to improve your camping experience by making sure that your VW campervan has all of the appropriate accessories. We’ve provided you with the information you’ll need to have a good understanding to decide what accessories to buy before going on your next camping trip. Enjoy camping.



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