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11 Affordable Space Saving Campervan Gadgets

Most people don’t know what to bring with them when they are going camping or on a trip in general. Sometimes people don’t have much budget when they are making camping plans.

Here in this article we will tell you about 11 campervan must-haves:


1-Collapsible Cookware Set:

One of the most important things that you can pack on your next trip into the great outdoors is your camping cookware. These cost under 50$ Without a bundle of pots and pans or maybe a lot more than that, it’s going to be pretty hard to make some food while you’re camping. Even if you’re the kind of camper who wants to create specific meals or you just need a vessel to boil some water and warm up a few things, there is this camping cookware set out there that will fit your needs and price range.

Picture of cookware set

When shopping for camping cookware, it’s important to consider the weight and size of the set, the materials used or what the set includes, and how easy it is to clean and pack up the set. Once you’ve picked out a tent and a cooler, your cookware set might be the next most important component of your camping journey, so definitely weigh your options before deciding on the one.


2- Foldable Camping Table and Chairs:

The thing about these is that the right chairs can make or break a camping trip. If you’re lugging all your gear on a backpacking journey, a portable seat you can properly rest on is even more important. These come in handy under the budget of 70$. Knowing which brands and models to trust is the first step to creating your outdoor trip. The industry is flooded with options for portable chairs, from compact seats that are light enough to heavy-duty rocking chairs that let you recreate your living room in the camping area.

picture of camping table and chair

3- Hanging Storage Pockets:

In today’s fast-paced world, finding efficient storage solutions is essential, especially for those living in small spaces. Whether you’re a student in a dorm room, a city dweller in a compact apartment, or simply looking to maximize storage in any area of your home, creating hanging storage pockets can be a game-changer.

These DIY storage hacks not only help you declutter and organize your belongings but also add a touch of creativity and style to your living space. In this article, we will guide you through the process of making hanging storage pockets for small areas, providing you with practical tips and ideas to optimize your storage space.


Picture of hanging storage pockets


4- Portable Folding Solar Panels:

While packing for your trip remember that solar power technology has become more sophisticated and lightweight, making the way for panels to be used to charge any device. Folding solar panels are a portable option that can be used for many outdoor activities. Foldable solar panels act as a portable power station for your devices, providing their battery pack with power from the sun. When camping foldable solar panels can keep your devices charged up with solar energy. You can easily find these online and in stores for around 100$.


picture of folding solar panel


5- Multipurpose Headlamp:

A multipurpose headlamp for camping is a very basic item that you wear on your head. It can be used in different ways. Besides being a regular headlamp, it can also work as a flashlight or a lantern. This means you have one device that can light up your path when on your head, or you can use it as a handheld flashlight or even place it in a way that it lights up a whole area like a lantern. It’s a great tool for various lighting needs during camping. These come in handy for around 20$.

picture of multipurpose headlamp

6- Collapsible Water Container:

Collapsible water containers are foldable or flexible bottles, collapsible water bottles do exactly as their name suggests they fold up to a fraction of their size in seconds. Not only are folding bottles super compact to use, but they’re also ultra-convenient to bring with you on trips. Of course, your portable water bottle has to be empty to reach its ultimate space-saving potential. These are environmentally friendly are easy for you to take anywhere you like. They cost around 10-15$.


Picture of Collapsible Water Container



7- Hitch-Mounted Cargo Carrier:

Cargo carriers for cars provide you with another way to store and transport your belongings. Simply put, a hitch cargo carrier is a metal bed or basket that is attached to the rear of your car. With this in place, you now have extra storage space without having to tow a trailer or climb your roof. Thanks to its outdoor use, it also provides a possible location for items that are either dirty or give off a strong smell, like gas cans. They can be expensive but look for them properly you can find these around 90$.

When not in use, many cargo carriers can be folded up towards the trunk. This allows for easier driving and less of a hassle when compared with having to constantly install and remove other storage solutions.


Picture Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrriers


8- Portable Shower Bag:

A portable shower bag is a convenient and compact tool for outdoor bathing. It typically consists of a lightweight and collapsible bag that can hold water, and it often comes with a hose and a showerhead attachment. They cost around 30$. The bag is designed to be filled with water, and when hung from an elevated point, gravity allows the water to flow through the hose and showerhead, providing a makeshift shower. Portable shower bags are commonly used during camping trips, outdoor activities, or any situation where access to shower facilities is limited. They offer a practical solution for staying clean and refreshed while on the go.

picture of portable shower

9- Hanging LED Lights:

When packing for a trip remember that portable temporary lighting fixtures are used for applications where there is a need for quick and easy installation of lighting that’s not intended for permanent use. These fixtures allow for quick setup in emergencies. They cost around 20$ and are easy and ready to install.


picture of hanging lights

10- Multipurpose Camping Tool:

When you’re in the outdoors camping or backpacking Multipurpose Camping Tool can come in handy far more. You’d be surprised how useful they can be when you need a tool the most. The question many might wonder is, what are the best multi-tools for camping and backpacking one can purchase? When it comes to a multi-tool of any kind, you’re looking for a few key things. The most important among them is a knife as well as useful tools that can help you with any task that might come up. Tools you tend to see with most multi-tools include pliers, bottle openers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, and much more. They come under the budget of 20$. 


Picture of Multipurpose Camping Tool

11-Space-Saving Utensils:

Space-saving utensils are essential for efficient packing during a trip because they take limited storage in backpacks, suitcases, or campervans. Their collapsible or compact design allows travelers to save valuable space, making room for other essentials. Whether camping, hiking, or embarking on any journey, these utensils ensure that meals can be prepared and enjoyed without sacrificing convenience.

picture of knives


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