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The Gig Economy in 2023: How to make Money on the Side
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  • The Gig Economy in 2023: How to make Money on the Side

If you are looking to make money on the side then you have come at right place. Lets explore Gig economy which refers to the labor which heavily relies on short-term employment by independent employers. These temporary positions replace permanent employees and are popular among people who want flexible working options and a higher degree of independence as compared to long-term employment. Though these kinds of jobs offer no job security, they serve as a very good option for people who are looking for a secondary source of income or don’t want to work consistently around the year.

Below are some of the more popular job options for people who want to be a part of the Gig Economy:

Freelance Writing

If you can create magic with your writing, freelance writing is your thing to earn the extra pocket money. There are many websites that are paying for the services of freelance writers. The thing with freelance writing is that since it is mostly project based, it gives the writers the freedom to pick their own working hours, say no to projects if they want to and work on a diverse range of topics. Moreover, freelance writers are not geographically bound and can work from anywhere; giving them the liberty to work from home, a different country and even while they travel.

Photography/Videography Services

With social media flourishing, visual storytelling is rapidly becoming popular among the audience. With a camera or even a phone, one can shoot videos, cover events or take pictures to show the world their spin on things which might be unique to themselves. Not only that, you can also offer your work and get paid by different websites that are on the lookout for ghost photographers who don’t claim credits.

Virtual Assistance

Many businesses need virtual assistants to plan out their day-to-day chores. The good thing about these positions is that this too, like freelance writers, can be done remotely. The kind of investments one needs for such a job role include a laptop/desktop and an efficient internet connection to go with the organizational skills of the assistant. Most typical tasks of a virtual assistant include scheduling interviews or appointments, making necessary phone calls on the behalf of the person they are working for, making bookings for them and managing their communication with all the relevant persons.

Graphic Designers

Similar to freelance writers, if you have an eye for great visual designs and know how to use the platforms to showcase your designs, graphic designer is the correct side profession for you. While many are working as graphic designers full time, there are businesses that need people to fill in these positions temporarily. When you’re a freelance graphic designer, designing book covers, posters, menus, social media posts, greeting cards, calendars; the opportunities become endless.

Translation Services

If you know multiple languages, you’re in for luck. With nearly zero investment, you can earn hefty amounts just by being a translator for better communication among parties. You can refer to different platforms that need the services of translators or even look for jobs privately, without including a third party. The best way of looking for such jobs online is that you are not geographically bound and may be able to increase your gains by charging in a foreign currency.

Social Media Management

Social media has opened a world of job vacancies to people and social media management is one of the options. This job does not need any formal education or training but just a good eye for attractive visual content, know-how of social trends and great communications skills. Most kinds of companies and even individuals are now wanting to have a presence on social media for which they want people managing their online profiles, making this an excellent opportunity for freelance workers to help them build their online presence and showcase their brand.


Have you been an expert in a particular subject and know that you have it in you to pass down the knowledge to others? Why do it for free? You can either advertise personally or register yourself on any websites that connect tutors with the students looking for help. This is an excellent side business as it helps one to choose their working hours in alignment to other activities during the day and offer the services online or in person.

Ride-Sharing Services

If you have days which don’t have you busy with work and a car, you could always register yourself with any mobility service and make the extra money by giving your services. Such job opportunities are likely to give you freedom of picking up the time of your choice and the route of your choice as well. Also, you cannot choose to work on the days you’re busy. The best part about such jobs is that often the companies provide their riders with added benefits such as employee discounts, insurance and easy investment options.

Delivery Services

With Covid-19 persisting in the world for the longest time, businesses have explored ways to deliver their goods and services to the doorstep of their target audience. While the pandemic has loosened its hold, delivery business is still blooming. You could always provide your services to deliver products like food, groceries, medicines and even parcels to earn that extra money while you’re free.

Handyman Services

You wouldn’t have to go too far for this one. Every neighborhood has houses where people live who can’t perform their jobs around the house for some reason; age, lack of knowledge or physical hindrance. This could be your call to make some pocket money by doing these chores around the house like mending pipes, fixing their light bulbs or maybe maintaining their heating system. This option may not require your services regularly which makes it a good secondary option for extra income.

Space Rental Services

If you have a space which is not being used currently, list it on any site which connects providers of rental services to people who are looking for one. You can add on services to go along with the spaces to earn extra like providing breakfast or morning tea. Without any extra work, you will be able to increase your income and will have the liberty to not put it on rent when it is being used privately.


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